Faces Pakistan

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FACES Pakistan – Formation, Awareness, and Community Empowerment Society – is a non-profit organization striving to empower the underprivileged in the society. We, at FACES Pakistan, help them embrace cultural and religious differences through interreligious and cross-cultural dialogue. This facilitates collective action for sustainable development. We focus on capacity building of the underrepresented sections and advocating their views, particularly in multi-religious communities, to achieve the broader aims of peace, harmony, social justice and gender equality.


The underlying theme of the activities of FACES Pakistan is peace building and fostering co-existence. We collaborate with private institutions and government bodies to maximize our outreach and better the lives of as many as possible. Our projects attempt to enhance the lives of children, youth and women in different areas across Pakistan by plugging the gap created by overburdened administrative systems and nascent political setup. We take initiatives to aid in the uplift of disaster struck areas and work towards capacity building of the disaster management structures. The plight of marginalised individuals is brought to attention and addressed through advocacy and organizing various activities including conferences, workshops etc.

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