Faces Pakistan

Formation Awareness & Community Empowerment Society

The Formation Awareness and Community Empowerment Society, FACES Pakistan is working to empower under represented societies and to foster the well-being of all human beings by promoting sustainable development, inter-cultural dialogue, the provision of economic opportunities and capacity building especially among mixed religious communities.




A number of teams have been formed by FACES Pakistan under DRRCC and they are monitoring the flood situation and updating the information regarding the severity of disaster, number of affected people and the damages it has caused so far. 

Faces Pakistan has collaborated with Fuchsia Footwear to widen its outreach of Handmade Products, thus enabling a large number of customers to have access to the colorful products produced by the skilled marginalized women.

FACES Pakistan and PHNP Launched "Charter of Peace.     

FACES Pakistan, is working for uplifting the social and economic status of marginalized women by providing training and skills to ensure better employment opportunities for them.

Considering the problems and lack of resources faced by IDPs of FATA, Faces Pakistan has extended its humanitarian services in Bannu where awareness sessions regarding the proper storage of water were arranged. Besides, hand pumps were also installed to provide clean drinking water to the displaced families.

Vocational trainings for Afghan Refugees and host communities are arranged by FACES Pakistan under the project of Peace School for Afghan children.

After successful implementation of two phases of Health Education and Enterprise Development (HEED) project, FACES Pakistan is now entering into a final Phase out year (2014-2015).