On-going Projects

Peace School for Afghan Refugees & Host Communities

Dard Kush

Health Education & Enterprise Development

Equal Citizenship

Raddi to Rehabilitation

Neighbours for Peace

Peace Networks

FACES Pakistan Humanitarian Network (FPHN)

Engaging Pakistani Interfaith communities (EPIC)

Fostering Young Minority Women at Leadership Positions in Punjab

The Mobile Value Education Children’s Van – A Pilot Value Education Project

Closed Projects

Building Bridges over Religious and Cultural Divides (2009-2012)

Escalating Flood Risk in Pakistan (2010)

Rehabilitation, Shelter and Livelihoods in Kashmore (2010-2011)

WASH Promotion Project for flood affected mixed religious communities in UC- Haibat, Sindh (2010-2011)

Peace Networking Campaign (2011-2012)

Active Citizen Youth (2011-2013)

Rain/flood Emergency Appeal for the people of District Badin, Sindh (2011-2012)

Emergency Relief for the Rehabilitation of flood affected families in District Badin, Sindh (2011-2012)

House Keeping Awareness Session for Marginalized Women (2012-2013)

Flood Rehabilitation for the Affected Families of Union Council Kario, Badin, Sindh (2012-2013)

Flood Rehabilitation Project in Badal Khan Sabzoi and Jatoi Chachar Villages (2012-2013)

Flood Affected Families in Punjab (2013)

Social Action for Conflict Resolution and Radicalization through Religious Institutions in 36 Districts of Punjab (2013-2015)

Economic Rehabilitation & Empowerment of GBV Survivors (2013-2014)

Capacity Building Program for Small NGOs (2014)

Rehabilitation Project for Rain/flood affected families of province Punjab (2014-2015)

Engaging VIOs at National Level in Post-2015 Discussions (2015)

Emergency Relief for 2015 Rain/Flash Flood affected families of District Chitral, KPK (2015)

Winterization in Chitral (2015))

Capacity Building Program for Small NGOs (2014)