Message from Secretary General

Dear Friends,

FACES Pakistan has dedicated its efforts towards creating a society where people from different caste, creed and color co-exist in harmony and peace. Through the persistence and hard work of the entire FACES family, we have managed establishing significant milestones over the years. We are humbled and encouraged by the response that we’ve received for our work in different sections of the society.

Our efforts have been distributed as and when required, and it has been an achievement to note that our target areas have witnessed a change which was always perceived to be farfetched. There is a visible reduction in religious and sectarian conflicts, now the livelihood opportunities for the underprivileged members have been enhanced to a great extent. Our projects are devoid of any specified ethnicity, religion or community; we have always believed that interfaith harmony can be a solution of several underlying problems and obstructions within the country. Our commitment, enthusiasm and dedication have made us work during the most difficult of situations and circumstances. We work to create a sense of responsibility and fulfilment among our target audiences. Albeit achieving certain eminent goals, our vision of forming a fair and equitable society still requires insurmountable work and dedication. We look towards alleviating the misery of the underprivileged and promoting education and women empowerment in this journey.

Our mission would not have found its way where it is today, without the undying support of our valued partners, we are extremely grateful to them. We look forward to working as a family together in this mission with every commencing year.

Elaine Alam