Draft ToRs for Capacity Building Plan including adevelopment of a Training Resouce Manual & Social Action Plans (SAPs)

Project title: Safeguarding the Rights of Transgender and Intersex Communities in Pakistan.

Project Implementation period: (APRIL 2021-MARCH 2023)

Introduction and Background of the project:

This project is designed to address the key challenge of lack of identity, recognition and access to basic rights of Transgender and Intersex persons as citizen of Pakistan. Alongside, this project seeks to address the problem of discrimination and violence against T & I community and lack of access to national identity documents – Computerized National Identity Card (CNICs). The project will address these challenges/problems through working with Transgender & Intersex persons, Human Rights Defenders (HRDs)/CSOs, key relevant authorities (National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA), Social Welfare & Judiciary), media, civil society & government officials, key policy stakeholders including political leaders.

The overall objective is to contribute towards the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms of Transgender & Intersex persons in Pakistan. The expected outcomes include:

(1) Enhanced capacity of TGs, HRDs, and CSOs;

(2) Increased awareness of T&I rights and registration for CNICs; and

(3) Improved policy framework and legal provision on the Rights of Transgender and Intersex persons.

The key approaches include:

  • Consultation as a prerequisite for relevant agenda-setting and work planning;
  • Leveraging inclusive and tolerant  voices/entities  for the rights of sexual minorities through HRDs/CSOs/TGs;
  • Building capacity on mechanisms to promote respect, inclusivity for and acceptance of the rights of T&I community;
  • Stimulating joint and action learning processes to deepen engagement with public and private stakeholders; and
  • Connectedness with Government of Pakistan initiatives.

The Capacity Building Plan aims at the following: 

The project will engage with Transgender, Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) & grassroots civil society organizations through capacity building, technical support and collaboration that will lead to securing the rights of Transgender & Intersex (T&I) persons in the target area as well as throughout Pakistan. Capacity building on grass-roots level and among HRDs is particularly important about the documentation, monitoring and reporting of cases of violations and discrimination. Through this project, Human Rights Defenders & grassroots organizations will be able to receive knowledge, skills, tools and techniques required for working towards the promotion and protection of the rights of particularly Transgender & Intersex persons – linking them with relevant authorities, facilitating in acquiring CNICs, responding to cases/incidents of violence/discrimination. Particularly grass-roots level organizations, who very often operate in non-formal settings and remote areas, have limited technical and managerial competencies; will profit from improved capacity building in areas of legal counseling, communication techniques, and provision of support to Transgender community members. Thus, HRDs/CSOs will become a resource base that has the potential to pave the way towards long-term sustainability of the project interventions. The Transgender persons themselves will be able to act as catalysts of change for the protection of the rights of their community.

Two 5-day advocacy and capacity building workshops held for 50 HRDs/CSOs producing 12 Social Action Plans (SAPs)

One of the key objectives of this project is to develop capacity of human rights defenders (HRDs) and CSOs representatives to recognize, assess, document, report and respond to incidents/cases of discrimination and violations of the rights of Transgender & Intersex persons. For this purpose, the capacity building and advocacy trainings are proposed for HRDs and CSOs on key relevant themes. The key objective of this capacity building plan is to develop advocacy skills among the human rights defenders and representatives of grass-roots civil society organizations in order to actively engage them in raising voices for the rights of transgender persons. A total of 50 HRDs/CSOs representatives (20 female) will be identified and selected to become part of this capacity-building program.

Output 1.Two consultative sessions with HRDs/CSOs representatives: Under this program a training & resource manual will be developed with modules on;

  • Transgender rights;
  • Sexual identity as fundamental rights;
  • Advocacy & lobbying skills;
  • Data gathering, analysis & action planning;
  • National & international legislative framework concerning LGBTI rights and
  • Use of Mobile Application to collect rights violation and discrimination cases.

Output 2: Two 5-day training courses for 50 selected HRDs/CSOs representatives from all the 12 target towns) (25 each) in Lahore and Faisalabad, will be conducted. The training will be facilitated by an expert trainer. In addition, experts can be invited who drafted the law, human rights monitors and other relevant resource persons to facilitate different sessions during the training. 

Output 3: As one part of their capacity building plan described earlier, groups of HRDs/CSO representatives from each of 12 targeted towns, will develop and finalize Social Action Plan (SAPs) (12) for their respective town. The SAPs will comprise of key actions and activities aiming at creating tolerant space for public debate to promote the rights of LGBTI persons, conduct awareness rising sessions with Transgender & Intersex community, organize capacity building, counseling events and facilitate in acquiring CNICs. Consequently, the project field team will assist the trained HRDs/CSOs representatives in order to finalize their respective SAPs and consolidate the plans for districts and targeted town levels for the convenience of implementation and follow up. Although the final shape of each individual SAP will become evident after the actual development and finalization after training, some of the anticipated action/activities may include: (i) organizing community level events for awareness raising on the rights of particularly Transgender & Intersex persons; (ii) collection and compilation of cases/incidents of violation of rights of these persons; etc.

The developed Training and Resource Manual with its modules will be utilized to conduct and impart two training sessions, each of five days for the Human Rights Defenders and Civil Society Representatives.



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