FACES Pakistan Humanitarian Network


The purpose of FPHN, mutually agreed by the member organizations, is to advocate, coordinate, building capacity, promote disaster risk reduction and humanitarian practices to deal/manage and response of any disaster.

The activities of the network are based on the purpose/themes and given mandate by its member organizations.

FACES Pakistan Humanitarian Network (FPHN) is founded in 2015. This network is the alliance of likeminded humanitarian non-government organizations and voluntary membership based network. FPHN is working under the umbrella and support of FACES Pakistan, which is also member organization of this network. The secretariat of this network at FACES Pakistan and has an elected coordinator from member organizations of this network. The coordinator is responsible to coordinate with member organizations regarding meetings and activities. FPHN is continually improving its capacity to perform affectively for providing humanitarian assistance.

Target Area: Punjab

Target groups: Regulators, Donors, INGOs, UN, Humanitarian Organization & Communities

Activities of FPHN

Advocacy with the regulators, donors, the INGOs and the UN on issues of humanitarian organizations for legal requirements, regulations , representation in different forums and planning and preorganization.

Advocacy with the actors for disaster prone areas and their affected marginalized communities to ensure the human development should be based on affective preparedness, empowerment and promotion of resilience.

Involve media in different forums, consultations and conferences to fasten the process of advocacy for reforms.

Organize and facilitate member organizations to take stance on humanitarian issues and implementation of policies.

Promote humanitarian values in preparedness, response and disaster risk reduction in human development through advocacy.

Enhance communication/Coordination between FPHN members as well as government, donors, international humanitarian organization, media, local and national non-government organizations and academia to promote the humanitarian assistance and recognize the efforts and services of humanitarian organizations.

Foster community relationship based on mutual trust and respect through enhancing communication and coordination with communities of disaster prone areas of Punjab.

Contact building in disaster prone areas to ensure/compile situational updates to response the disaster on humanitarian grounds.

Develop management information system of member organizations of FPHN and disaster prone areas in Punjab regarding humanitarian assistance.

Participations in working groups, clusters, committees, forums to promote humanitarian assistance and building resilient communities with management information system.

Develop documentation on qualitative knowledge about good humanitarian assistance and building resilience practices.

Enhance the technical capacity of member organizations of FPHN and its staff and volunteers.

Launching and updating of website and Facebook page of FPHN for promoting the humanitarian assistance and building resilience practices, enhance knowledge, raise awareness and develop electronic resource centre of humanitarian and DRR material.

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