Health Education & Enterprise Development

Problems faced by women in the aftermath of the flood make them more exposed and vulnerable to risks.

FACES Pakistan provides viable means of livelihood and improve health, hygiene and educational standards to flood affected women of mixed religious communities.

In the year 2010, Pakistan experienced extraordinary rainfall, as a result of which one-fifth of the country was under water. Entire towns and villages were washed away, homes destroyed and thousands of acres of cultivable land flooded. The floods caused mild to moderate damage to the country’s public health infrastructure, including BHUs and dispensaries, which suffered the most damage. The various problems that women had to face in the aftermath of the flood made them more exposed and vulnerable to risks than before: destroying their limited assets, worsening their personal security situation, and changing their responsibilities as they were forced to respond to emergency conditions. Women’s health is vital to the well-being of their families as they are the traditional and primary caregivers in disaster struck areas. However, they tend to place their needs last.

FACES Pakistan realized that if not properly addressed, this could considerably exacerbate pre-existing gender inequalities, and increase women’s invisibility in the political and economic spheres. Keeping this in mind, FACES Pakistan in collaboration with Caritas Germany, initiated a project titled- Health Education and Enterprise Development (HEED) targeting the flood affected women of mixed religious communities in the areas of Kashmore, Rahim Yar Khan, Nowshera and Jaffarabad. After the successful implementation of HEED Phase I, II and Phase Out, and assessing the impact of the interventions, FACES Pakistan initiated HEED in Badin. Just like other phases, in the latest phase, a comprehensive program for the provision of viable means of livelihood was ensured along with improving the health, hygiene and educational standards of underprivileged communities of targeted villages in the district.

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